A look under the hood of DANAOS Projects Operations

4 min readFeb 15, 2021

Starting from our website -as the front matter of our company’s communications- check out below, the tools we use in order to effectively communicate and support our Client's during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Digital One-Stop-Shop Portal

In the digital age, we designed our website with the concept of Mobile-First, aiming to inform visitors simply and effectively, everywhere.

We use one-page functionality for each and every menu page, avoiding splitting content into different sections and we facilitate easy search and content retrieval.

Based on a modern eco-friendly design we support dark-mode.

Just toggle the dark-mode switch on the bottom right of our website and enjoy a low-light user interface (UI) that uses a dark color as the primary background color.

In response to our increased screen time, dark-mode relaxes your eyes and save your energy whilst offering a better work experience.

Based on a minimalistic, clean design theme supported by the latest WordPress version and several plugins, we are able to have comprehensive, always updated and well presentable content to our clients and visitors.

Navigation into our website offers advanced interactivity with our schematics and graphs, empowering visitors to interact efficiently and understand in-depth how our software products work and how they can benefit their company.

Within our website, registered visitors can register and download DANAOS Projects updated profile, commercial

leaflets and presentations of our software products.

Our Knowledge Base section offers information on Insights, News and Events, shading light to critical construction issues such as: efficiency, cost control and productivity.

Terms of Use of our software are clearly analyzed and updated as appropriate where there is also a Privacy Policy section reference to cookies and handling of users personal and corporate data, tracked and/or submitted.

Using a secure communication (HTTPS) protocol and based on SEO friendly -frequently updated- content, our website is easily tracked by search engines.

Customer-facing apps are used in association or separately from our website to support communication with existing clients and new users.

Considering the extent of the coverage and the easiness of operations, our website support WhatsApp instant messaging (left-hand-side corner) and immediate access to good and traditional phone calling.

2. Customer-facing apps

— DANAOS Projects Medium

Medium has been selected as the main blogging platform as it provides domain authority and content quality. Clients are welcome to visit us at https://danaosprojects.medium.com/ and get the latest insights on the ConTech and PropTech industries.

- DANAOS Projects YouTube Channel

Our YouTube Channel is hosting several of our marketing videos and tutorials. Registered users can enjoy online presentations, live streams, podcasts and updated micro-videos for onboarding to our software.

- Twitter

We use Twitter for short announcements and replying back to hashtags #projectviewerp and #danaosvortex

- Facebook and Instagram

Our Facebook and Instagram is for internet socializing and keeping connected with our clients, mainly sharing images and posts on activities from our corporate living stream around the world

- Linkedin

For professional networking with use LinkedIn where see share updates on our Software Products and company’s business operations.

- Newsletter “Weekly Digest”

Our Newsletter: DANAOS Weekly Digest is a collection of our corporate highlights and achievements sent on a weekly basis -in the form of a digital newspaper- to more than 15000 email accounts.

3. Business-facing apps

Our internal business operations apps include a collection of well customized and integrated set of tools used to serve our clients all over the world. This is the list of our internal business apps:

  1. InfoGate: DANAOS Management Consultants email client, case tracking, and knowledge management

2. VORTEX CRM for sales and partners management

3. Google Workspace for online scheduling meetings and recordings

4. Google Drive as a centralized file server

5. Zoom for online meetings

6. Anydesk and Teamviewer for remote support, on screen

7. Slack for internal IT ticketing system

8. MS Word and Excel for office apps with MSFT Teams for collaboration

9. PowerPoint for presentations and as an onboarding tool

10. MS Project for project’s scheduling

11. Benchmark for newsletter

12. Loom for quick screen recordings

Business as UNusual?

Don’t blackout! We’ve got you covered. When physical distancing is required, we employ all possible means of communication to establish social engagement. No bots, No AI, Just People and Human Intelligence!




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